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Since the age of 8, Stoney has been a natural salesperson. Selling greeting cards door-to-door Stoney soon learned that if you worked hard you could get what you wanted out of life. Just over ten years later, Stoney was a top-producing life insurance agent and awarded Rookie Top Producer in the TX, AR and LA region. A great achievement, but Stoney wanted to complete college and dropped his workload to Part-Time in order to complete his Associates in Computer Science from Kilgore College and then his Bachelor of Business from The University of Texas at Tyler.

After graduating from The University of Texas at Tyler, Stoney moved to Point Clare, NSW to consult a construction company on diversifying its services during the typical Winter down-time. After a few months in Australia consulting, Stoney moved to Dallas, TX just over 80 miles from his childhood home in East Texas.

During the years Stoney spent in Dallas, he became a top-producing mortgage lender, opened a thriving financial advisory practice and eventually returned to the mortgage industry to open his own branch locations in Dallas, TX and Tyler, TX. After many years in the industry, Stoney was recruited to move into a management role with Cingular Wireless during the AT&T acquisition. Stoney soon became the top Manager in his district where he managed two stores simultaneously, garnered numerous awards for his stores and developed a number of Sales Representatives into Management. Stoney was able to reduce the training time for a new Salesperson into Management from years to a few months or less using his abbreviated training process. Many of the Sales Representatives and Assistant Managers Stoney trained quickly moved into Retail Store Manager roles where they achieved tremendous success.

In 2004 Stoney relocated to the Tampa Bay area where he renewed his successful career in financial services until the banking downturn of 2008. During Stoney’s tenure as a banker, he garnered awards for Customer Service, Top Deposit Production, Top Commercial Dollar Production, Top New Account Production and overall Top Producer. When the banking industry failed, Stoney decided to complete his MBA at LeTourneau University in Texas to increase his knowledge base and expand his career opportunities.

After completing his MBA, Stoney worked as the VP of Sales for a local Chamber of Commerce while simultaneously developing his own business where he consulted numerous clients on improving their organization’s operational efficiency and increasing sales. It was at this time that Stoney also began to develop his front-end web developer skills by creating WordPress websites for clients.

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Here’s my process, no surprises!


  • We sit down in-person or by phone to learn HOW we can help you and discuss the STEPS that fits your specific situation and lead to SUCCESS as you define it.


  • We develop your ideal solution based on over 25 years of professional experience. We’re not done UNTIL you are 100% satisfied.


  • We agree on a PRE-DEFINED budget and time-frame for program completion. Whether you need Individualized Consulting, Sales Training or a WordPress website we want to make sure that you’re 100% comfortable with the process and the price before we begin.


  • I personally promise to actively solicit your feedback before and after we’ve implemented your solutions. Your feedback is how the process gets improved!


That’s my process and that’s my promise!


Stoney L. Wilson


Consulting & Sales Training

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As a business Owner or Manager your livelihood depends on results. I specialize in helping retail establishments learn how to improve their sales performance and generate more revenue without spending thousands or tens of thousands in marketing and advertising.

If you have a retail establishment and you want to improve your cashflow and generate more sales all while providing your clients with the highest possible levels of service then let’s talk.

After over 25yrs in sales, I’ve learned a thing or two about sales training and developing successful Salespeople. Throughout my career I’ve created training programs for small and large organizations and trained numerous Salespeople to become Top Producers.

I began selling when I was quite young, going door-to-door selling greeting card packages. I’ve moved from entry-level sales to executive-level sales management and I can train your staff to become exceptional consultative Salespeople.

Today a Salesperson must be knowledgeable, well-trained and possess a desire to learn and grow professionally to succeed at the highest levels. Consumers are more sophisticated than any other time in history and they have a vast wealth of information at their fingertips.

Give your Salespeople the edge they need by training them to communicate effectively with clients across various platforms and develop relationships with your prospects that lead to sales. Contact me to learn more!


WordPress Website Design

We provide our clients with a truly consultative process and customize every WordPress design to meet our client’s needs. We’re not going to spend a lot of time throwing techno-babble at you.

We get it! Nobody wants to hear a lot of tech-speak; regular people want a clear and easy to understand conversation that ends with an amazing website.

Our websites are created with mobile platforms at the forefront of everything we do and not simply as an afterthought. Mobile users spend as much as 87 hours a month browsing the web on smartphones. Mobile is a must!

Mobile is the reason this website is designed with a mobile-first focus and simplicity of design. Everything on this site views flawlessly on a smartphone screen.

WordPress Website Support

Once your website is complete we won’t leave you holding the bad! We have ongoing support options tailored to your specific situation and created with affordability in mind. Whether you need the occasional content update or ongoing, frequent support for your e-Store, we’ve got you covered!

Social Media Marketing and Management

We take the daily grind out of your social media interactions. All of our websites are created with social media integration but our Social Media Marketing and Management programs take that to the next level. Whether you want consistent updates on your social media platforms or a more robust solution with an integrated custom blog, we’ll seriously amp-up your online presence!

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